stay okay

by DisEducated Dreamer

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A young dude named ChaoticMonki made a shoutout one day to support someone who was going through a hard time in a dangerous situation.

A young dude named Rinji Mifuzu wanted to keep that alive, and make a little ditty in support of all the people going through tough times, and who might be losing hope.

I believe in you.
Hang in there.
You'll make it.


released October 20, 2016

audio clip:



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DisEducatedDreamer California

Heyo, Rinji Mifuzu, aka DisEducated Dreamer here. Salutations, peeps~

Just a cheap noob artist who spends his time playing games and making little ditties.

Send me a message and I'll be sure to send you one back~
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Track Name: stay okay (ft. cryaotic)
Hey, uhm.
I don’t know why I chose to do an audio response to this, but uh…
I- I guess, I just, couldn’t really, uh, properly respond via text like I usually do.

But uhm.

I think you’re gonna be okay.
I- I really think so.
Just keep fighting the thing, ya know?
Just keep on doing that, “Hey, I don’t feel like, uh, kicking the bucket just yet.”
It sucks and all, but…
Just pull on through, alright?

I mean, I don’t know your full situation, I can’t even begin to comprehend that I know what it’s like that you’re going through.
And…pheww, that’s, that’s no bueno, so.

Y’know what, f— it, just-
Just keep fighting the thing, ya know?
Just pull on through, alright?

You keep on doing you. I’ll do me.
Glad to be of any help that I can.
Good luck.